Saturday, March 29, 2014

Doing My Own Challenge

Not doing any challenges today, except my own that is.  A co-worker, Terry, asked me to do a scrapbook for her of pictures from her son's wedding.  We're swapping craft skills - she is working on sewing some cushions for me.  Nothing like a good barter.

There aren't many pictures and they are all 4x6.  Terry had already purchased some scrap booking items from Michael's including the album and some green paper.  She also had some memorabilia from the wedding (invitation, seating cards, etc.) that I can incorporate into the album.

The challenge for me?  Terry leans towards simple, I love to bling it up!  The other issue is that since they're aren't a lot of photos, I would have to try to "stretch" out the album, so to speak, and use only one or two pics on most of the layouts, I'm not a big fan of that.

But I think I'm making it happen!  My first layout is a bit more my style, but I figured I could get it away with it since it is the opening layout and there is a page for the bridge and the groom.   I went simple on the next layout, I still feel like it is missing something, but I want her to make is personal so I will leave titles and journaling up to her which will help fill in some of the spots.

Two two-page layouts down, a few more to go.  Now I'm going to go work on a super loaded mini album to keep my creativity flowing!

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