Sunday, February 23, 2014


For my second submission to Lasting Memorie's food and beverage challenge, I focused on my other not-guilty pleasure - martinis.  Nope, not the classic, nope not with gin.  But fruity ones (not apple though, yuck) with vodka.  I do love a good ginger martini, but my favorite is pomegranate or some combination there of.  Yes, you "true" martini lovers can say I'm not really drinking a martini, but whatever!  Olives or onions in my beverage?  Yuck.  Or the chocolate ones... yuckers.

Besides celebrating with martinis (like in this photo of my BFF's 40th birthday), I make martinis at home all the time.  I've got my special concoctions that are oh so tasty.  My son always loves it when I'm having a party or people over because it is "Martini Time" as he likes to say... he got pretty good at mixing them up too.  I've learned that ice cold vodka and a chilled glass make it perfection.

The paper collection I used was Authentique, and like a good martini, Authentique's paper is rich and rewarding.  So thick and luxurious, I love rubbing my hands over it.  Don't judge.  I used a combination of paper strips and ribbon, cute right?  Cheers!

Reading Terminal

I found a new scrapbook challenge blog, Lasting Memories Layout Challenges, and I am super excited because all they do is layouts!  No cards!  (Sorry to my card making buddies out there, but not a big fan of creating cards)

The challenge was to create a layout of a guilty pleasure - Food & Drink.  Food and drink?  Hello!  Did someone look at my scrapbooks?  One of the reasons I love to travel is trying new culinary delights and I usually photograph it.

When I lived in Philadelphia, I was a regular at Reading Terminal Market.  This historic market has dozens and dozens of restaurants, bakeries, grocers and more.  Italian, Indian, Asian, Amish, Irish and so many more.  Every time my sister visited me in Philly, we had to make a trip to Reading Terminal so that she could get the world famous Beef Brisket sandwich (I don't eat meat, but I take her word that it was delicious because the line would be wrapped around and around).   She always got one to eat on site and at least one to take back to VA. I personally loved Termini
Brothers, the Italian bakery, along with the Amish pretzels, the chocolate chip cookies dipped in chocolate, the fresh produce - and well just about everything the market has to offer.  I do miss it.

Look at that delicious grilled cheese from Molly Malone's (using goat cheese and beets - oh so tasty).  And yes we bought that cake from Termini Brother, it was an orange cake with a perfect glaze.

For my page I used a collection from We R Memory Keepers that I got at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $4!  Bargain!  (In my high-pitched singing voice).

Next blog - martinis!  Thanks for the inspiration Lasting Memories, I'm getting pages done!

Pride Parade

Going through some "old" pages that I had done and came across this layout of the Capitol Pride Parade from 2009.

 As a child of parents who had to get married in another state (NY) in the 60's because they weren't allowed marry in VA (because they aren't both white), the fight for marriage equality is personal to me - anyone should be allowed to marry who they love no matter their race, religion or sexual identity.

In the past few years we've come a long way as a country, and for every step forward there are two steps back (thanks AZ), but I love these pics because they remind me of the positive environment and the good times of the Pride Parade.  I really enjoyed all of the signs that parade participants carried including, "Love One Another As I Have Loved You." 

I went to the parade with my good friend Heather, who has since found her happiness with her wife (also Heather) - how can anyone have problems with the smile that is on her face?  She looks so beautiful.

My good friend Malika and her daughter, Muji, marched in the parade with Muji's school.  The atmosphere was fun, positive, and loving, it was awesome.

I used a collection of papers from Bo Bunny, I just adore the colors and they worked great for the layout.

This is why I love to scrapbook, not just for the family moments, but also for the moments in time that effect our entire community - you don't realize you're living history when you're living it (like when I created scrapbook for my son of our time at President Obama's first inauguration, which was also the first time my son was able to vote since he had just turned 18!), you're just trying to live your honest life.

As a nation, as humans, we'll get there, and like the civil rights movement for blacks (and women) there will always be haters, always be doubters and always be the bigots.  But they can't stand up to the rolling tide of righteous.  Love is love.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Good Times

For some reason, I hadn't visited Color Me Scrappy in a while.  Glad I went to check it out today, the colors for this challenge were great, and just what I needed after doing a dark, brownish layout for a previous challenge.  Nice and bright.  You're book marked now!

I, of course, had the perfect paper pad.  This one was an "expecting baby" theme from Paper Studios, that I had used to make a onesie banner for my cousin's baby shower and would work perfect for this challenge.  The twist was to use wood.  I am IN LOVE with all of the wood chips thing going on these days.  No, seriously, I can't get enough of them.  Look at these of the 50 U.S. states... I mean, awesome.  Yes, I had to google some of them, especially some of those tiny northeastern states.

The "Good Times" wood call-out shape I think is from Studio Calico as well or maybe Maya Road - anyway, love it whichever made it.  For more wood, I used little wooden frames directly on the photo and accented with a little flower and pearl.

My journaling had issues this time.  First the gel pen stopped working in the middle of the second line, then I made an typo towards the middle and had to scratch over... well - that is what makes it homemade right?

These pics are from the trip my sister, my son and I took to San Francisco.  Good times, good times.

Unconditional Love

Coming to you with another CSI challenge.  Case File No. 110 to be precise.  The photo they used for the "scene" was just the cutest -- few pups dressed up in their furry finest.  And you know I love my babies, so a pet-themed page was calling!

At first I freaked out when I saw the color scheme: brown, black, white, ecru, corn yellow?  Not my usual cup of tea, as I like bright colors and patterns.  I made an emergency trip to Michael's craft store to try to find something, nothing caught my fancy - but I managed to spend $60 on other things... kill me.  (I did NEED replacement blades and cutting mats for my Cricut machine and they aren't cheap.  I was all excited because there was a coupon for 30% off die cutting machines and accessories - of course when I got in line it isn't valid on Cricut.  Seriously?  I mean, what else do you have die cute wise Michael's?  Annoying.  Anyway, I digress, it all turned out well.)

When I got home I dug through some old hoarded paper packs and found the Hang 10 collection from BasicGrey - my absolute FAVORITE scrapbook manufacturer.  I think I've had this pack for over 10 years, and with all my BasicGrey collections, I start freaking out when it gets low and start rationing it out to myself until I find some more to beef up my collections by hitting up the conventions, troving ebay and hitting the clearance section of all the online scrapbook stores.  See?  I used it!  I hoard for a reason!

For the evidence, I used feathers, pet accents, sheer ribbon, sheer buttons, some ribbon, a cute metal tag, "love" tag from Studio Calico, thickers, and I even used some of that glitter spray.  I'm not a big fan of how glitter spray turns out on my pages.  It always looks cute when I see it on the blogosphere, but I feel that mine looks like someone dropped something on it... it wasn't too bad this time, but still not a big fan.

There was also a sketch to follow, which I didn't notice until after I did the page - but it must've been kismet because the sketch I found on pinterest that I used as inspiration was very similar to the one for this challenge - crisis averted.   (I once did a challenge thinking it was an entire different paper collection than the one required... so, yeah).

My baby boy, Tyrone, was the subject of my page.  Since I rescued him a few months ago, it is like we were always together.  He loves me unconditionally and is always trying to let me know by following me everywhere, always wagging his tail, barking at anyone who comes close that he doesn't know, letting me know that he is happy with his new home by acting like everything in it belongs to him and sleeping at my feet.  He is a babilicious babe though!  To meet the challenge requirements I had to journal from his perspective, that was a nice change.

Another page done, and I can live with the colors - thanks CSI!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Two (Update - Make that Three!) Challenges - One Layout

I'm feeling very accomplished today.  Why?  Because I found two (now three) awesome scrapbook challenges that work for one layout I created!  Booyah!

First up, CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration.  Remember my last post, when I talked about how much I enjoy their challenges?  Lots of "suspects" commented on my entry - so I'm feeling warm and fuzzy.  
Well, I'm back at it - Case File No. 108.  The "scheme" for this challenge was: kiwi green, beige, dark chocolate, dusty pink and green with a hint of blue.  I had to choose two pieces of "evidence" - mixed media background; bird; newsprint; music element; hearts; flower; border punch; rub-ons; stamps; or pen work.  I think I used everything except for border punch and stamps - you know me and my stamping issues.  As for testimony, January 31 is apparently Inspire Your Heart With Art Day (who knew) so the requirements were to document what my art means to me; tell a story I've never told before; use journaling strips; use inspiration words: everyone, share, story.  No pressure right?

And then, Pin and Tack.  I've also submitted an entry for one of their challenges before, and I am a huge fan because every entry earns a donation to worthy charitable organization saving animals.  Don't get me all teary on that again... The challenge for this month was a no brainer - use a heart or the word "love" in a layout.  Done.

After my original post with two challenges - one layout, my scrapping sister, La-Vie, sent me an email letting me know that my layout would work for yet another blog challenge -  Crafts Galore.  Their challenge use a gem, candi, glitter or any other bling.  Hello.  Three challenges - one layout, life is good.

My son got married a little over a year ago, and I haven't done any pages of the wedding, so this was great inspiration.  First, I found the perfect color palette using Pink Paislee's London Market paper collection.  I used a rub-on directly on the photo of my son (the groom - so handsome) - I love journaling or embellishing right on the photo.  I used tulle around the top of the bride's photo, along with a chipboard glitter bird and some gold sequins all around.  A cute little strip of crowns, some flowers and brads, chipboard heart and the word "love" and some ribbon.  Good page.

The testimony (or journaling) part was a bit of a challenge.  How to talk about why I love my art (scrapbooking) and also journal my son's wedding.   But I worked out it!  One of the best things about being a mom is having grown up kids.  I mean, yeah, they're all cute and stuff when they're little - but when they are grown up and making their own decisions, leading their own lives, they are functioning and adjusted and find love - I mean - wow!  So, it is even more meaningful for me to scrapbook this milestone.  Scrapbooking rocks.