Sunday, January 26, 2014

Case File No. 107 - Solved

I found this great scrapbook challenge website: C.S.I. Color, Stories, Inspiration.  I just love their concept of making the challenge a case.  I'm a huge fan of CSI the television show (the original of course... CSI NY?  No... CSI Miami?  ewww) and this theme for their challenges really drew me in.  "Cases" are challenges.  "Framed" is the photo gallery.  "Suspects" are their website members.  The "Scheme" is the color requirement.  "Evidence" is the required elements on the page and "Testimony" is the journaling.  Fun and original right?  Totally.

For Case File No. 107, the "Scheme" was pink, black, gold, grey and white.  I had the perfect paper pad, Authentique's Blissful Collection.  Anyone who knows me, knows I'm obsessed with paper and I love Authentique because of how thick and yummy the paper is, not to mention to the deep, rich colors in their design.  The "Evidence" required me to use at least two elements: umbrellas, flowers, ribbon, badge/flair, clouds, heart, diamond shapes, raindrops/splashes, wet medium, mini brads, long title and striped/harlequin pattern.  The "Testimony" centered on National Compliment Day (is that here in the U.S.A, or just an Aussie thing?... got to google it), love that idea.

OMG, she is so cute here!
The subject was one of my faves, my niece Sydney - she is so photogenic.  And I've always loved her compassion for animals.  She just loves all creatures (except maybe her little sister), but especially dogs.  Her mean old mom won't let her have one so she loves coming to my house to play with the dogs.  She currently is allowed a turtle, which she has named Francesca.
As for the challenge, I used a glittery heart from Making Memories, some Thicker letters for my title, some chevron stripped ribbon and some mini flower brads.  My layout was inspired by one I had found on pinterest.  So yeah!  Another layout done thanks to a great scrapbook challenge - and another blog post! 

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  1. Hi! Loved your post! Glad to see you back creating and this cutie has captured my heart. The challenges sound so cool I am heading over there now to follow that blog. You are inspiring me to get back to creating and blogging. Thanks girlie. xoxox

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