Saturday, February 8, 2014

Two (Update - Make that Three!) Challenges - One Layout

I'm feeling very accomplished today.  Why?  Because I found two (now three) awesome scrapbook challenges that work for one layout I created!  Booyah!

First up, CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration.  Remember my last post, when I talked about how much I enjoy their challenges?  Lots of "suspects" commented on my entry - so I'm feeling warm and fuzzy.  
Well, I'm back at it - Case File No. 108.  The "scheme" for this challenge was: kiwi green, beige, dark chocolate, dusty pink and green with a hint of blue.  I had to choose two pieces of "evidence" - mixed media background; bird; newsprint; music element; hearts; flower; border punch; rub-ons; stamps; or pen work.  I think I used everything except for border punch and stamps - you know me and my stamping issues.  As for testimony, January 31 is apparently Inspire Your Heart With Art Day (who knew) so the requirements were to document what my art means to me; tell a story I've never told before; use journaling strips; use inspiration words: everyone, share, story.  No pressure right?

And then, Pin and Tack.  I've also submitted an entry for one of their challenges before, and I am a huge fan because every entry earns a donation to worthy charitable organization saving animals.  Don't get me all teary on that again... The challenge for this month was a no brainer - use a heart or the word "love" in a layout.  Done.

After my original post with two challenges - one layout, my scrapping sister, La-Vie, sent me an email letting me know that my layout would work for yet another blog challenge -  Crafts Galore.  Their challenge use a gem, candi, glitter or any other bling.  Hello.  Three challenges - one layout, life is good.

My son got married a little over a year ago, and I haven't done any pages of the wedding, so this was great inspiration.  First, I found the perfect color palette using Pink Paislee's London Market paper collection.  I used a rub-on directly on the photo of my son (the groom - so handsome) - I love journaling or embellishing right on the photo.  I used tulle around the top of the bride's photo, along with a chipboard glitter bird and some gold sequins all around.  A cute little strip of crowns, some flowers and brads, chipboard heart and the word "love" and some ribbon.  Good page.

The testimony (or journaling) part was a bit of a challenge.  How to talk about why I love my art (scrapbooking) and also journal my son's wedding.   But I worked out it!  One of the best things about being a mom is having grown up kids.  I mean, yeah, they're all cute and stuff when they're little - but when they are grown up and making their own decisions, leading their own lives, they are functioning and adjusted and find love - I mean - wow!  So, it is even more meaningful for me to scrapbook this milestone.  Scrapbooking rocks.