Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pride Parade

Going through some "old" pages that I had done and came across this layout of the Capitol Pride Parade from 2009.

 As a child of parents who had to get married in another state (NY) in the 60's because they weren't allowed marry in VA (because they aren't both white), the fight for marriage equality is personal to me - anyone should be allowed to marry who they love no matter their race, religion or sexual identity.

In the past few years we've come a long way as a country, and for every step forward there are two steps back (thanks AZ), but I love these pics because they remind me of the positive environment and the good times of the Pride Parade.  I really enjoyed all of the signs that parade participants carried including, "Love One Another As I Have Loved You." 

I went to the parade with my good friend Heather, who has since found her happiness with her wife (also Heather) - how can anyone have problems with the smile that is on her face?  She looks so beautiful.

My good friend Malika and her daughter, Muji, marched in the parade with Muji's school.  The atmosphere was fun, positive, and loving, it was awesome.

I used a collection of papers from Bo Bunny, I just adore the colors and they worked great for the layout.

This is why I love to scrapbook, not just for the family moments, but also for the moments in time that effect our entire community - you don't realize you're living history when you're living it (like when I created scrapbook for my son of our time at President Obama's first inauguration, which was also the first time my son was able to vote since he had just turned 18!), you're just trying to live your honest life.

As a nation, as humans, we'll get there, and like the civil rights movement for blacks (and women) there will always be haters, always be doubters and always be the bigots.  But they can't stand up to the rolling tide of righteous.  Love is love.


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