Sunday, February 23, 2014


For my second submission to Lasting Memorie's food and beverage challenge, I focused on my other not-guilty pleasure - martinis.  Nope, not the classic, nope not with gin.  But fruity ones (not apple though, yuck) with vodka.  I do love a good ginger martini, but my favorite is pomegranate or some combination there of.  Yes, you "true" martini lovers can say I'm not really drinking a martini, but whatever!  Olives or onions in my beverage?  Yuck.  Or the chocolate ones... yuckers.

Besides celebrating with martinis (like in this photo of my BFF's 40th birthday), I make martinis at home all the time.  I've got my special concoctions that are oh so tasty.  My son always loves it when I'm having a party or people over because it is "Martini Time" as he likes to say... he got pretty good at mixing them up too.  I've learned that ice cold vodka and a chilled glass make it perfection.

The paper collection I used was Authentique, and like a good martini, Authentique's paper is rich and rewarding.  So thick and luxurious, I love rubbing my hands over it.  Don't judge.  I used a combination of paper strips and ribbon, cute right?  Cheers!


  1. You're on fire!! Glad to see you back to making LOs for yourself and entering challenges. Love all 3 of your latest posts. Keep it going lady! Hugs.


  2. I vote for lemon or citrus martini any day. Not so crazy for the classic version and have to agree on the chocolate ones as well. thanks again for joining us at lasting memories

    1. Thanks Haven - love a good lemo martini with some Lemoncello! Cheer!

  3. Great lo!! I love a fruity martini as well!! Thanks for joining Us at lasting memories hope you join us again this week - Kimberly DT

  4. COOL! Another awesome LO!
    Thanks for joining us at Lasting Memories

  5. Awesome LO! I love your comparison of authentique with a good martini, thats brilliant. I feel the same way so it made me smile :) Thanks for joining us at lasting memories.